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Dec 9-23 2017


11am, 1pm, & 4pm


Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center

Ticket Prices

$22.50 - $42.50

Box office Opening in September 2017


Nutcracker Sweets is a danced storytelling, developed in a special 50-minute version performed with live music, for children for all ages.

Choreographer Mark Foehringer and ensemble cast give a contemporary twist on the classic holiday ballet.



Scene 1: The Toyshop

Drosselmeyer, a magical toymaker, is preparing for Christmas. Mother Ginger and her children bring him a gingerbread house as a gift. Drosselmeyer’s nephew puts the gingerbread on the table and Mother Ginger and her children watch Drosselmeyer’s life-sized dolls dance. The Mouse Queen comes in looking for sweets. Drosselmeyer traps her in a box when he finds her eating his sweets. The postman brings a letter, and takes the box. The Mouse King thinks his Queen is dead, and comes for revenge. He puts a curse on the nephew who turns into a soldier doll. Drosselmeyer finds the letter, and invitation to a party. He takes the doll-nephew and goes to the party.


Scene 2: The Tannenbaum House – The Party and a Dream

Drosselmeyer arrives at the Christmas party. He and his Goddaughter Clara dance. He gives her the Nutcracker Doll. Enchanted, she dances with her doll. She leaves her doll under the Christmas tree and her parents ask her to go to bed. Drosselmeyer says good night and the parents slip off to bed. They think Clara is following them but she settles under the tree, hugging her Nutcracker doll. The mice invade her dreams. The Nutcracker and Mouse King fight. The Mouse King almost wins, but Clara saves the Nutcracker at the last minute by hitting the Mouse King with her shoe. Drosselmeyer appears and leads the Nutcracker and Clara to Candyland.


Scene 3: Candy Land

Clara and the Nutcracker meet the Sugar Plum Fairy. Sugar Plum Fairy presents them with chocolate, tea and sweets of all sorts. After a joyful party, everyone disappears as the dream fades.


Scene 4 Next Morning, in the Toyshop

The next morning, Clara visits Drosselmeyer’s Toyshop. She explains that when she woke up the Nutcracker doll was gone. Drosselmeyer calls the nephew and Clara sees her Nutcracker Prince and runs to embrace him.

Our Team

Our Team

Creator, Choreographer, Director
Music Director
Director of Production, Company Manager
Conductor, Piano
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Keisuke Nakagoshi Conductor, Piano
Noah Strick 1st Violin
Eri Ishigaki 1st Violin on 12/15
Otis Harriel 2nd Violin
Ben Richard Viola
Douglas Machiz Cello
Eugene Theriault Bass
Jason Park Trumpet
Kai Takaara Trumpet on 12/15
Aaron Priskorn Trumpet on 12/24
Matt Striplen Trombone
Courtney Wise Flute
Adam Puglielli Technical Director
Lara Berggren Associate Technical Director
Glenn Davy Assistant Lighting Designer/Light Board Operator
Cynthia Praciado Costume Supervisor
Emily Paulson Stage Manager
Kyle Herbert Stage Crew
Gary Lindsay Ticket Services
Shannon Atlas Publicist, Marketing
Eric Ippolito Website Designer
Kirsten Sims Graphic Design
Rapt Productions Video & Photography
Margot Graves Volunteer Coordinator

Scenery built by Rooster Productions 


Performance Dates

Dec 09th Sat   11am 1pm
Dec 10th Sun   11am 1pm
Dec 16th Sat   11am 1pm 4pm
Dec 17th Sun   11am 1pm 4pm
Dec 22nd Fri   11am 1pm
Dec 23rd Sat   11am 1pm 4pm

Performance Location


Frequently Asked Questions

Audiences can expect to see a unique 50 minute version of the classic ballet Nutcracker specifically designed for families with young children.  Families will see live music – – a chamber orchestra with 9 musicians – – and the return of former ODC dancer, Brian Fisher as Drosselmeyer.  Nutcracker Sweets is an affordable, fun and zany rendition of this popular holiday tradition.
50 minutes with no intermission.
At least 30 minutes before the performance. We recommend your plan to arrive an hour early, in case of traffic or parking difficulty, and to have time for the restroom, or to get refreshments.
For insurance reasons, all persons MUST have a ticket, but children can sit in their seat, on your lap, or stand in front of their seat.  No sitting is allowed in the aisle because the dancers enter and exit through the aisles.
No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the theater, except for Bottled water. Refreshments will be available for purchase in the lobby. There are several cafes and restaurants in Fort Mason and nearby if you want to eat before or after the show.
Cowell Theater is located at the rear of the Herbst Pavillion within Fort Mason Center. Click here for a map of Fort Mason Center.
You can bring these to Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, but will need to park strollers in the theater lobby during the show. Strollers are not allowed inside the theater for safety reasons. Car seats may be allowed (in your child’s seat), subject to the house manager’s assessment of safety.
Nutcracker Sweets is for the child in all of us so it is appropriate for multi-generations.  It is made specifically for children with a short attention span so any child would enjoy the performance.
Photographs with the cast members can be taken after the 1pm or 4 pm shows.  Please, no photographs,video, cell phones, iPads, or recording of any kind  during the performance.
The stage is 3 feet above the floor level, so even children in row one should be able to see everything.
There is very limited free parking right outside of Fort Mason (by the yacht club / marina). Fort Mason has paid parking on campus (inside the gates). Rates are reasonable, and are listed on the Fort Mason website.  (https://fortmason.org/visit/).  Off campus, street Parking is limited to 1 hour, and is strictly enforced.


Cowell Theater
Fort Mason Center
Herbst Pavilion
Marina Blvd. (at Buchanan St.), San Francisco

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